Why Texas: How Business Discovered The Lone Star State

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In recent years, hundreds of companies have relocated to the Lone Star State. But they don't just move - they stay, grow, expand and tell others to join them. Why? The answer to this question is revealed by author Ed Curtis in his new book Why Texas: How Business Discovered the Lone Star State. Throughout a series of 18 exclusive interviews with Texas-based Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders and business icons, Curtis explores the keen insights, sound strategy and loads of benefits the Texas economy has to offer.

Did you know that San Antonio Texas is a major biotech center? Were you aware that the first 7-11 was founded in Dallas? Or that Kendra Scott's first venture was to help cancer patients? Or that podcast and publishing icon Tim Ferriss recently relocated to Austin? Filled with Texan pride, economic insight, and helpful tips from Dallas Stars CEO Jim Lites, Joe DePinto, CEO of 7-11, and many more, this is a must-read for anyone contemplating a relocation - or even a visit - to Texas.